WIAW Washington D.C Whirlwind

Hey Guys! Sorry I keep taking some long breaks over here on the bloggity blog. But I’m back with a life update after a quick weekend visit to Washington D.C. Sadly we did not run into the pope, we flew in on Friday after he was already in Philadelphia (or New York?). But anyway everywhere we turned there were cut outs of the pope which made me really happy!

IMG_0818 (2)On Friday we flew out of course with an iced pumpkin spice latte (half the pumpkin) in hand. Once we arrived in D.C we went our separate ways. Chris met up with his friends from Notre Dame for a bachelor party and I headed out to meet my college roommate and BFF Abby!


Friday Night Abby and I had some margaritas and some much needed girl time! I love this girl and spending uninterrupted time with her to catch up was just what the doctor ordered. Such a blessing in my life!


Saturday we went to Alexandria and walked around the waterfront and stopped at the farmers market. Of course I had to buy some honey crisp to snack on, I mean I can’t walk passed a honey crisp and not buy one.


We met up with her family for a bbq before heading to Arlington for dinner and some drinks!

Sunday rolled around and we picked up Chris from his festivities and headed to mass and brunch.


That pretty much brings us back to Monday and here is What I Ate, because I could not keep my phone alive long enough to capture a fun day in D.C (need a new phone!) I will continue to broadcast what a day looks like for an almost RD in Minneapolis.

Breakfast: Pumpkin oatmeal with apples on top. Full disclosure this was made by the husband and 100% delicious!


Am snack: Gluten-free pumpkin, applesauce muffin. These were not made by the husband, and they need a bit of work.


Lunch: Leftover Cauli-mashed potatoes and bbq chicken with a side of honey crisp apple. I did not get a picture but here is a pic from the walk I took on my lunch break!


Pm Snack: The BEST chocolate smoothie/shake! 1 cup milk, 1 spoonful of cocoa powder, 1 spoon full of chunky pb, and one frozen banana. Yummy


Dinner: Taco salad with mexican quinoa and black beans. Nothing new there.

IMG_4078 (1)

Dessert: half a caramel apple and some tea!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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