Bunionator No More!

Life update, this past Wednesday I had bunion surgery.


How did this happen? Am I a 90 year old?

IMG_3976 (1)

So my problems with my trusty dust bunions go waaaayy back through my collegiate volleyball career, through my high school sports days, and into my early childhood. I think my first memory of the dangers of beginning bunions were my good old days of gymnastics. I think I was about 7 yrs old. My sister was in gymnastics and was really good so obviously I wanted to do it. Everyone remember Shawn Johnson…yeah so did I, and I was nothing like her, in fact I was pretty darn terrible. But back to the point…I would complain to my parents that my ankles would hurt after gymnastics and they thought I was just weak-minded (in fact they still do). BUT it turns out that I had flat feet…womp womp. Besides hurting my ankles from lack of support we learned later in life that flat feet lead into bunions. I got my first orthotics in 9th grade, which I seldom wore, and then my bunions started really hurting my last couple years in college.


In college, I finally listened to my parents and started buying sensible (ugly) shoes and wearing my orthotics, but by now my genes and carefree attitude had already down the damage. I got through 3 years collegiate volleyball days with lots of ice and the nickname bunionator. I’m not joking there was a poster that was given to me with my number and that glorious nickname.

321509_725255420562_1050590327_n 68338_466648997592_264705_n

Why Now? Skip to the current days, after training and running 2 half marathons, it was just time to bite the bullet and have bunion surgery. So I patiently waited until I was done with my internships and pretty much graduated from my program.

IMG_3974 (1)

After surgery: I will be on crutches for 2 weeks then hopefully transition into a boot. The pain was pretty bad the first couple days but the narcotics were worse, so I tried to wean myself off of those pretty quickly. The worst part is the immobility and lack of being able to carry things around.


Exercise: As of now I do a lot of sitting, but I do try to get outside to go for a “walk” everyday. I am always breathing and out of breath and my mom just rolls her eyes at me as I hobble along. Keep in mind these blocks end up being around 2 blocks there, rest, and 2 blocks back.

I will keep you all updated as I progress and heal! I have a 5k scheduled for the end of October and we shall see if I am walking or running it.



7 thoughts on “Bunionator No More!

  1. theregoesmollyrose says:

    what a nickname! I played volleyball in high school and since I’m all of a whopping 5’4″ I got the nickname the Molly Green Giant (Green is my maiden name) hahah!

    I hope you recover quickly, do all your therapy!! 😉

  2. The Hungry Southern Wanderer says:

    I feel you with the flat feet problem. Apparently I’m developing a bunion too. Should make the half marathon I’m running in November a good time!

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