Food for Thought: Becoming a Registered Dietitian

People ask me when I knew I wanted to go into Dietetics and I can honestly say that it was what I “wanted to be” ever since 8th grade Career Science. Yes, that really was a class we had to take. Initially I had high hopes of becoming a Chef, but I think I soon realized that would entails me to actually be good at cooking. I know what you’re thinking, she may not be the sharpest tool in the tool box. But just wait, as I started to take more science classes, I grew to love biology and the science behind it. So know as the end of high school started to creep up, I thought I had to choose between cooking and biology, until lightbulb! I could go into Nutrition. Problem solved…or so I thought.

So there are many ways you can go about becoming a Registered Dietitian (RD). The most efficient would be to go to undergrad for Nutrition and complete your 1-year internship right after and then take the boards. So I set out in search for a college that offered Nutrition and was in Minnesota, those were my criteria. I settled upon Viterbo University in La Crosse, WI which is on the border of souther MN so I did a pretty good job of making my goal.

Maria Angelorum Chapel (general view), Viterbo University

However, after a year I felt God pulling me to the Franciscan University of Steubenville in Ohio (which did NOT have Nutrition and was not in MN…hmmm) leave it to God to completely change your plans right when you think you are on the right path.

Unknown-9 images-7

So I started my freshman year of college at Franciscan, where I got to play NCAA volleyball, meet most of my best friends, and change my major to Biology. My plan was to go to Nutrition grad school (definitely easier said then done). I finished my degree at Franciscan in 3 wonderful years and moved on to grad school. Well actually I applied to the wrong program, and all these things happened where God not so subtly nudged me into Maggies’s Place!

Oh my goodness Maggie’s Place is a home of hospitality for homeless women and their infant children. This was the most difficult/joyful/HOT/emotional/physically-draining year of my life! But I made it through and realized Public Health and working with disadvantage population is where my heart truly lives.

Which takes me to the University of Minnesota Public Health Coordinate Master’s Program in Nutrition.


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