No vegetables for 5 days WIAW

Where have I been and What have I been up to for the last month? Good question. Simple, abbreviated answer in the past month I have:

  • Camped for 3 days with the extended Wappes Clan at Cascade State Park
  • Traveled 45 miles in 5 days in the Boundary Waters
  • Spent quality time with my SISTER (twin)
  • Played Beach Volleyball in a 2 Day Tournament
  • Finished my LAST nutrition internship
  • Defended my Master’s Project
  • Prepped for foot surgery that is TODAY!

Clearly that is too much to recap in detail, so we will skip right to one of the super fun parts! Last week I ventured to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCA). And had just the greatest time. My sister, Sara, flew in from Orlando and it was Chris’s first time in the boundary waters. The crew was: Captain Loran (my dad), my uncle Dan, my aunt Theresa, my cousin Brendan, my sister, my husband, and ME! Such an amazing group of people to spend 5 days in the wilderness with!


It all started on Wendesday when we left our group campsite with our whole extended family at 7 am to head to Sawbill Outfitters. We had 2 out of the 3 canoes, but rented one canoe from here. Because we were going straight from family camping to the BWCA we had to be ultra prepared which was more than stressful for some of the members in our crew. For my sister who flew in from Florida and went straight to camping for 10 days with no bags packed…yeah she wasn’t worried.


What’s a WIAW post without the food, so let’s get to it. We packed all our food about 4 days before the trip. Yes, you heard me right, a food pack chalk full of processed, packaged foods for our delight that had no chance of expiration.

The Planning Process: After a couple of boundary waters meetings we devised a loose menu of shelf stable, light, durable, calorically-dense, somewhat healthy, and of course gluten-free (if one person is, then the rest suffer ). With our ideas in hand we set off to the grocery store, where we did not stick to the outside of the store and where we did not fill up the cart with fresh produce. WHAT? It took me awhile to pull myself together, hah not really I was secretly rejoicing in all the salami that was to come!

IMG_2450 (1)

This picture shows the majority of what we ate in the boundary waters…yes that is 8 salami logs.

And here is what a day in the boundary waters looks like:

Breakfast (~7:30): Granola bar, you had a choice of a Larabar or a Kind bar. There was enough for 1.5 bars per person so we did some sharing. AND Tang. Nothing like  the sugar-filled orange drink product to wake you up in the morning.

4-5 miles of canoeing and portaging


Snacktime ~10am: My family kept joking that we didn’t need a watch because right at 10 and noon on the dot my stomach would tell me it was snack and lunch time. Snack was GORP and beef jerky. The night before we all made our GORP bags from peanuts, almonds, raisins, dark chocolate chips, dark chocolate m&m’s,  candied almonds, and granola.

3-4 miles of canoeing and portaging


12:30-1:30 pm Lunch: Lunch was 2 logs of salami, babybell cheese, and Mary’s Gone crackers for me or hardtack for everyone else. And Kool-aid. Lots of kool-aid.


1-2 miles of canoeing and portaging to our nightly campsite

5:30pm Dinner: Our dinners included spaghetti with dehydrated beef, chicken and rice, chill w/ dehydrated beef, and macaroni and cheese with tuna. And of course some dinner kool-aid.

11892105_10100507414294882_1867954271664779349_nDessert Gorp: 8pm before the bear bag went up.

I already miss it so much and wish I could go back!

Question of the day: What is your favorite camping food?

Obviously I have deep love for salami…enough said.

Thanks for reading. I’m hoping to check in much more frequently because I have missed the blog and you all so much!

As always thanks to Jenn from peasandcrayons for hosting.



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