WIAW from the Husbands Point of View

So I decided to switch things up a bit this week, to add a little pizzazz to your Wednesday. I will be walking you through yesterdays eats while my wonderful husband is providing some (semi-truthful…just kidding) commentary. You’re in for a wild ride today. So buckle up and follow along. Ok it’s not that crazy, but still, get excited.

Also my writing is in black, and Chris’s writing will be in red. Now you are fully prepared.

IMG_3682And I’m getting back into the blogosphere! It has been awhile, but my lovely wife of over 6 MONTHS now, asked if I wanted to write a post about WIAW. Obviously, any time she gives me a chance to make some snide remarks about her, I’ll do it. And it is especially enjoyable to do so with a platform such as her blog. 


Anyway, I couple things about what is to follow. First, I’m not totally sure of what she eats during the day unless she tells me (even then, you’ve got to take what she says with a grain of salt…but not literally…Alyssa puts the kibosh on adding salt to things). Second, this will be my interpretation of what she eats. Ok, moving on.

Breakfast: The usual oatmeal with peaches and strawberries eaten at my desk. Why mess with a winning combination?

IMG_3697 IMG_3676

One thing I’ve noticed, is that there is always a “current obsession.” These last couple weeks have been peaches and iced coffee. I mean, I can’t totally complain because I find both of those items absolutely delicious. I know that coming up pretty quick the next “current obsession” will be strawberries and probably raspberries. But much more importantly, come the end of the summer and into fall we get into apple season. I’m sure there will be several blog posts about those bad boys. Alyssa is ultra obsessed with apples. And we will be going to many an apple orchard during this obsession. It’s probably Alyssa’s favorite time of year. Not to mention that right around the corner is also pumpkin season. She certainly falls into that trap every fall.

Am snack: homemade granola bar and black raspberry yogurt diluted with plain greek yogurt (or else it is too sweet).

IMG_3699 IMG_3700

Another thing I know is that Alyssa will also tend to consume oats in some way, shape or form during the day. I’ve been really into steel cut oats lately, which we had Saturday morning. But Alyssa also just made some granola bars that have oats. We had oatmeal for breakfast Tuesday morning (topped with peaches and strawberries). We had overnight oats for breakfast Monday morning. I’m fairly certain oats will always be a mainstay.

Lunch: Cheesey chicken and broccoli leftovers, plus a taco salad! The dressing is salsa, greek yogurt, and a pinch of taco seasoning (the secret, salty ingredient).


Side note: Alyssa probably had a taco salad for lunch (another usual). And because I’m around this week and not traveling for work, meat was consumed for dinner. I won’t focus on what else we had because veggies are just so boring compared to meat.

PM snack: Peach! Oh and some almonds, pretzels, and dark chocolate that I have been refilling.

IMG_3702 (1)IMG_3686IMG_3703 (1)

Finally, I’ve noticed recently that she takes this little jar with her to work all the time. Seeing it at face value, you would think “oh, that looks like a delicious snack” as it consists of some plain almonds, dark chocolate covered almonds, and pretzels. However, I began noticing that this little jar tends to come home with just the plain almonds sitting at the bottom. And then the next day she fills it back up again with dark chocolate covered almonds and more pretzels. I find it quite peculiar that there always seems to be the same number of plain almonds every day and that there is always a base layer of said plain almonds. She thinks she’s being all sneaky, but I’m onto her. What a rascal.

Dinner: Roasted vegetables, plus spaghetti made with gluten-free butternut squash noodles purchased at the farmers market topped with my father-in-law’s homemade meat sauce.


IMG_3704 IMG_3705

Dessert: Chocolate chunks from Trader Joes.

Hope you enjoyed the post! Have a good 4th of July weekend!


As always thanks to Jenn from Peasandcrayons for hosting!



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