Quest For The Crust Part 4

So another week (or 2 or 5) has come and gone and another date night has come upon us! And so we made a triple meat lovers pizza with a sprinkling of vegetables to celebrate…us?

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 2.14.31 PM

This week we are reviewing….Bob’s Red Mill Yeasty pizza dough. I got this at whole foods for like $4 I think.

This was a yeasty crust, which I was super excited to try. I had a feeling it would be the  the most pizza-like in taste and texture. Well here we go follow along our pizza making adventures.


First of all, the package makes 2 pizzas…and we are only 2 people. So we immediately thought why don’t we make cinnamon rolls with the other half. Of course we could have frozen it to make another day, but we had our hearts set on cinnamon rolls.


I tackled the pizza while Chris expertly rolled the cinnamon!IMG_0470

Chris decided it was going to be a 3 meat pizza, because he was channeling his inner Jim Gaffigan and kept saying because “I am American.” So we had maple venison sausage, bacon, and pepperoni along with red peppers, onions, and mushrooms (on my half).

Here is it going into the oven…so much meat, where’s the pizza?


Here it is after baked to deliciousness. The final product!IMG_3429

The Review:

Alyssa: 4, I thought the taste of the crust was very good, and it was super simple to make. However, the crust did get a bit soggy, but this may have been more the weight of the ingredients, than the sturdiness of the crust. Also I would really like to find a recipe to make with ingredients from home instead of buying a package mix.

Chris: 3, “I’ve got no complaints against it really. I just want to be amazed, and that left me thinking it was just a good crust.”

Alas, the pizza palooza continues. We are thinking we may need to branch into the cauliflower crusts next.


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