Race Recap!

Hey Everyone and Happy Tuesday!

Now that my internship has started at the Minnesota Department of Education and I am working  consistent hours, hopefully I can get back to the blog and update you on all things happening with these newlyweds! One big thing that just happened was the Minneapolis Half Marathon on Sunday.

Setting the scene: This was my second and Chris’s third half marathon. The only other half marathon we have collectively completed was Grandmas Half Marathon in Duluth, MN (basically our backyard) which we have now learned was a very flat and wonderful course.


Anywhoo, ceremonial pre-race picture! My parents actually drove two hours to spectate and were nice enough to drop us off at 7 am! Love them!



All smiles here….

My parents cheered us on at mile 2, still smiling…


And then the hills began…and NEVER ended.

1E473D4F-FE94-470B-9CFE-FA0168E5EEB4 FE507AA2-07AF-45E8-9BC3-3A8022F61841

This is me DYING at mile 11 , but Chris cruising in at mile 13.

IMG_2247-1We both finished. Chris crushed his previous PR by 15 minutes (HOLY BATMAN), while sadly I limped in at 1:53, 3 minutes after my PR. I am nothing but proud of Chris and his AMAZING race. But,  I have to say the race left me a bit frustrated. I followed Hal Higdons Novice 2 training to a T and felt super prepared going into the race. And then at mile 6 I got some serious stomach and side cramping that would not go away. Lets just say the last 4 miles were a STRUGGLE!


With that being said, I am so happy that we both finished with no major injuries!

The rest of Sunday we took it easy, ate some ice cream, napped, and then Chris made some delicious rhubarb muffins! My parents delivered some hand picked from their yard when they visited and we could not wait to whip up some baked deliciousness. Chris took the lead on all things rhubarb, because he is the master baker in our household!

IMG_3603 IMG_3600 IMG_3587

I need to share this recipe with all of you because they are melt-in-your-mouth pure gluten-free cinnamon-y goodness.



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