WIAW Finally Back!

Oh my goodness, it has been weeks since I looked at this screen and wrote down far too many things about me that anyone cares to know. But….I’m back!

I have pseudo-graduated, meaning I walked across the stage, but my program does not end until my internship ends which is less then 10 weeks from today!


For WIAW I am taking you back to “Alyssa’s Day of Fun” aka Chris took the Monday off of my graduation and we spent the day moseying around Minneapolis and trying hipster coffee shops.


Breakfast: I went on a COLD and windy 3-miler and came back to garlic-y goodness in the form of scrambled eggs with everything but the kitchen sink (which is just the way I like them!). Chris also made our version of lazy-man lattes, where we bring milk almost to a boil on the stove top, add milk, and froth away with a whisk. It makes the coffee feel fancy.


Snack: Fancy coffee shop time! I got a vanilla latte and Chris got some specialty drink that had juniper in it that I thought tasted a whole lot like pine needles.


Lunch: Whole Foods salad bar! Oh my goodness I love sampling all the fun salads and entree they have there and Chris survived.


Snack: some sushi leftover from whole foods.

Dinner (unpictured): The double whammy: PF Changs followed by the Cheesecake factory. So good…and so indulgent. Hey, you only get your Master degree once!



Happy Wednesday to All of you! Oh and below is the one picture summary of this past weekend. Enjoy.



As Always thanks to Jenn from peasandcrayons for hosting!



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