WIAW Watermelon Overdose

Hey guys! It seems like I am always doing weekend recaps on Wednesday, when it only seems logical that they should be on Monday. I think it is because after fun weekends, where no school work has been had I am usually getting my butt in gear to get started on all my assignments for the week. Anywho…long story short…we went on an adventure this weekend! We decided to bed and breakfast it up on a whim!

So on Saturday morning after a short 10 mile jaunt. Ok, let’s be serious, I think I almost died on the run! The day before I had done a tone it up work out and my gluteus was KILLING me. But I finished the run, with a hurting butt and all.

Then we moseyed on down to southern Minnesota, making a few stops to buy the necessities aka pumpkin doughnuts and chocolate caramels.

IMG_0505I think Chris said the phrase “I’m in a caloric deficit” on the hour every hour.


We figured out we love bed and breakfasts, they’re so fancy! It made me feel like I was in Downton Abby, umm Yes Please!

IMG_3525The weather was gorgeous and we even got to enjoy dinner outside! Good Food + This Guy + Great Views = a very pleasant dining experience. IMG_3520Then we came “home” to a night cap and dark chocolates!IMG_3521

We had to overcome our antisocial-ness during the elaborate 4 course breakfast on Sunday, that ended in ice cream! So after such a great weekend, the week came up REAL quick. This is my eats for Tuesday. I tried so hard to get a picture of everything, clearly that did not happen. BUT I feel like I was better than usual.

Breakfast: Oatmeal with ALL the berries. It makes my heart happy to see the berries pop up at the store at reasonable prices! And watermelon

IMG_3530 IMG_3533

Snack: orange


Lunch: I finished my internship so I was able to have lunch at home! Roasted cauliflower and brussel sprouts with copius amounts of pasta sauce and quinoa pasta. And Watermelon


Snack: watermelon


Dinner: Crockpot chicken (cooked in chicken stock and bacon) + roasted veggies. And some salsa for cinco de mayo!


Clearly the watermelon stole the show today! It was just so sweet and juicy!

Question of the day: What summer food do you most look forward to eating? I think it technically would be a grilled juicy cheeseburger but I also love a great watermelon!

As always thanks to Jenn from peasandcrayons for hosting.



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