WIAW: The time I had the same lunch and dinner

Hey everyone! Graduation is right around the corner and I can see the light! My schedule is pack and I am on a mission to finish my Master’s Project or die trying (side note: I may actually die).

Anyway this weekend, we traveled north to the Duluth/Cloquet area for my cousins bridal shower! So much fun. The bridal shower and bachelorette party were all on the same day, so I packed my purse with snacks (chocolate chip cupcake Luna bar anyone?) and got ready to party.

First up: The bridal shower. Great food, fun games, and time to catch up with the cousins. Unfortunately due to the stiff and abundant competitors I did not win any of the traditional bridal shower games!  Loved everything about it, except that my twin was in Florida and not there with me.


Then: The bachelorette party. Clearly I have the social stamina of an 80 yr old, because I required a pre-bachelorette pick me up in the form a latte before the celebration. My cousin picked to do a painting outing rather than a traditional bar hop, and so we painted a little, and drank wine A LOT 🙂 The wine to painting ration shows itself in the results. I was going for glowing lights, but I think in the end I bit off more than I could chew.


Please just ignore how awful this painting is, but it was really fun painting it!IMG_3498

Monday: Chris got Twins tickets to this fancy elite deck from his work. You had to ride a special elevator to get there, total MVP life over here. So I met him in downtown Minneapolis we chipotled and then headed to the game!  I had a cider (and HUGE popcorn) and froze my butt off. Chris gave me his jacket, even after clearly forewarning me that it would cool off.

11150233_809191423188_940239270727295911_n Now finally we are all caught up and we can move to Tuesday Eats on a day where I captured one or maybe two things from each meal. I’m just trying to get your imagination working this early in the morning!

Breakfast: Eggs with toast and a smoothie!


Snack: yogurt with blueberries and mango


Lunch: Greek Yogurt tuna salad on a bed of spinach with a side of apple.


Snack: Gluten-free scone (leftover from the wedding) and orange


Dinner: Greek Yogurt tuna salad on a bed of spinach (same meal, eaten at a different location). While I was making my lunch I had the genius idea of just cutting double of everything and packing my dinner simultaneously! Great idea, until you get to work and realize you have to eat the same thing you just had a few hours earlier. Don’t worry though, you put enough honey mustard on anything and I will eat it!

IMG_3502 IMG_3504 IMG_3506IMG_3507

Post Dinner treats: carmel egg and dark chocolate Ghiradelli square


Thanks as always to peasandcrayons for hosting this glorious day of half-eaten meals!

Question: Is your easter candy gone? We seem to have a never ending supply.

And what is your favorite salad topping? Mine is without a doubt hard-boiled eggs!




9 thoughts on “WIAW: The time I had the same lunch and dinner

  1. Chris says:

    I like the use of ‘chipotled’.

    Answer 1: Candy is not gone…but have no fear, you’re here to eat it!

    Answer 2: BACON!

  2. Miss Polkadot says:

    Don’t talk down your creative efforts! I think your picture looks quite good. Never ask me to do anything similar, though – I’m not talented by any means.
    Easter candy leftovers? None. Because we didn’t buy any [I know!].

  3. Jessie says:

    If I had to choose my favorite protein packed salad topping would be either grilled chicken or hard boiled eggs. Oh wait, taco salads are pretty awesome too.

  4. Cookie Yi says:

    I’m one of those people that can literally eat the same things day in and day out so I actually wouldn’t mind having the same lunch and dinner! It beats having to cook twice!

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