Weekend On The Run

This weekend was such a fun one here in Minneapolis! The weather was beautiful and tried to take advantage of it. Let’s talk about this weekend.  It all goes back to December, when  I bought Chris entry into the Hot Chocolate 5K race as a Birthday present.

Sidenote: we both decided this was a great decision and may make this some sort of tradition.

Anywhoo, on Friday Chris and I took the light rail and ventured into downtown Minneapolis to pick up our race packets. We also snacked on some delicious hot chocolate and fondue at the race expo.

IMG_0480 IMG_0488 IMG_0486 IMG_0484

Saturday we took off on our bikes around 7 am to head to the race. We got there at around 7:30 and checked our bag and then headed to the start line. For some reason we ended up in Coral B, which was AMAZING. We were able to finish the race before some had even started. The race course was in my old stomping grounds and it was a lot of fun to run along the routes that I ran last year.

The 5K had one water/food station that happened to be giving out chocolate chips. Chris ran right buy while I got pulled in and grabbed a cup of chocolate chips. Maybe not the best thing to eat when you’re running…I pounded a few down and then as the responsible runner that I am, looked for a trash can and gracefully threw the rest away. (Except in reality, my cup hit the rim and sent an explosion of chocolate chips everywhere and then Chris gave me a death glare…ooops)

IMG_0494 IMG_0496

The real fireworks happened after the 5K! We were directed to the finisher tent area where we were handed a finisher mug complete with hot chocolate (aka liquid gold), chocolate fondue w/banana, rice krispies, peppers and little wafers to dip in it. It was good and the perfect weather to just plop down in the park by the river and indulge in all the chocolate.


There was fondue that I dipped  some marshmallows and of course the banana in.IMG_0350

We ended the day with a a relaxing (and semi depressing for Chris) afternoon watching the Wild lose and eating the HUGEST nachos ever.

On Sunday we headed to Mass and then Chris took me to this coffee that is supposed to have the best gluten-free pumpkin doughnut. I could not say no to an excursion like this, chocolate and pumpkin in one weekend, I don’t think it gets much better.


The doughnut was fantastic, it was moist, pumpkin and perfect! I think this will need to make it’s way into my life on a consistent basis.

IMG_0504Clearly nutrition wasn’t our biggest priority this weekend, but it feels great to indulge every once in awhile and realize that this is not how we eat all the time. However, I will be glad to add some more vegetables into my diet this week.



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