Wedding Part 2: Before the Aisle

Even though we got married on December 27th, it obviously takes time and LOTs of patience to wait for your wedding pictures to be edited and delivered to you! You can see the post on Getting ready and hair and make-up here.

But wait no more, because they are in my procession, and now you can see what happened on the beautiful cold winter day that I married Chris.

So to set the scene, it is noon, my hair is done, and the sun is shining. We got married at 2, so the photographer has arrived and the nerves are firing up. Sharon our photographer from threeirishgirls photography took a couple of detail shots while I finished my yogurt bar lunch.

hammittwedding-8 hammittwedding-4

Then I finally stepped into my dress. For some reason my dress not fitting was a stressor for me before the wedding, but everything fit like a dream. My mom zipped me up and it surprised both of us that I was so emotional! We both shed a tear or two, what can I say I am the baby of the family!

hammittwedding-11 hammittwedding-17Then me and the bridesmaids continue to get ready! There was a great stocking debacle of 2014 aka half of them were wearing and them and half weren’t and then someone’s ripped…

hammittwedding-227But clearly we weren’t going to let some tights bring down the happiness levels. So obviously we took some selfies…


And then it was time for Chris and I to exchange presents. This was honestly one moment I will cherish forever. Even though we did not see each other, I remember just being so happy that he was with me and holding his hand helped to settle my screaming nerves (I am not one for being the center of attention).


He wrote the most beautiful letter, which in following the trend I cried again!


It was so nice to hold his hand! Usually when we are doing long distance we are texting 24/7 or if we are together we are well together. So on our wedding day we really tried to disconnect from our phones and just soak up all the time with our friends and family. So this moment was extra special.hammittwedding-65Our presents: I got him an engraved St. John medal, as that is his patron saint and Dec 27th is his feast day!


He got me….a present that left me speechless and made me feel without a doubt the most special and loved person.


He got our marriage blessed by Pope Francis! Oh my goodness, I will treasure all the work and time he put into that!

Then we took bridal party and separate family photos



Oh my don’t they all look handsome…especially the short one in the middle!hammittwedding-78Typical, It’s all about me….

I hope you all enjoyed this behind the scenes look into our pre-wedding celebration.

Coming up Next…Wedding Part 2 The Ceremony.


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