WIAW: Weight loss Clinic + Intense Cravings.

Happy happy Wednesday! My day started off awesome with an edition of weekly running club, and then slowly got worse as I had some serious cramps and was surviving on less then 6 hours of sleep (which is a big deal for me, clearly I’m not very tough). Anywhoo it ended on a really high note a surprise ice cream treat to curb my chocolate craving!

First things first

5:30: wake up, chug a glass of water, eat half a banana, and a handful of cinnamon rice chex.


5:50 leave for running club (4.5 mile run)

7:15 Yogurt with strawberry, blueberry, and pineapple! I don’t know what it is but I cannot get enough pineapple lately. Seriously I want to eat it for every meal.


10:00 am Cherry Chocolate Kind bar! Sidenote, this was at weightless clinic, where I intern on Tuesdays. I always feel a bit self conscious of my snacks there because the doctor is super particular about what he eats, and of course the Dietitian eats really well! But this morning I was running late and just grabbed a Kind bar and oh man the chocolate hit the spot. Moving on…


Noon: popcorn…my dad made some for us to snack on our drive home last night. Some call it spoiled, I call it love 😉


1:30pm: Leftover Pizza


4pm: dove dark chocolate and an orange, and some nifty sparkling water


6:30pm: The husband walked over to my place of work and surprised me with iced coffee and chocolate ice cream! Good thing I wasn’t still at the weight loss clinic…AWKWARD.

IMG_3434 IMG_3436

7:30 pm: My grandma gave me her special pea soup recipe this weekend, and I am OBSESSED! I had a small bowl with a piece of gluten-free bread and enjoyed the taste treat.


Don’t mind the weird color or general appearance of the pea soup, because it tastes DELICIOUS. And other nutrition people do not judge you for eating green soup.

Sorry for the weird food pics, but sometimes that is all you’ve got to work with!

Thanks to peasandcrayons for hosting this WIAW.


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