Easter Recap WIAW

Well Hello there my Easter people. This Sunday kicked off the Easter season and it’s time to party because He is Risen. Can I get an Alleluia? Also yesterday was my twin’s birthday! Love you sister

hammittwedding-93 hammittwedding-176

This weekend my phone decided to well let’s just say not be a phone, so my photography is sparse. So the recap will be extra speedy and we can get to the WIAW (which is also a bit sparse, still working on that).

Holy Thursday: Mass at St. Mark’s with Chris and my best friend Linda. Our special Thursday feast was not last supper-ish as it consisted of mini cashew bun, personal pan pizzas.

IMG_0451 IMG_0449

Good Friday: Went to Good Friday service at St. Charles in Minneapolis with my cousins before Chris and I hit the road and traveled the 2 hours to our hometown!

Holy Saturday: Ran our 7 miles, in like 25°,  made key lime pie, dyed easter eggs (x2), EASTER VIGIL MASS. One of our good friends got confirmed and I felt so blessed to be able to witness here enter into such an amazing family.


Please check out Chris’s awesome Easter egg tie in this picture! It is simply amazing.IMG_1890 IMG_1891

Sunday: EAT

And that my friends was my Easter weekend. As usual both our families were way too generous and we have a large pile of candy on our dining room table now. Don’t worry Chris and I are confident we can suffer through it.

Now for my Tuesday eats (If my phone was on top of things I would show you the feasts (yes plural) that I had on Easter, sorry!)

Breakfast: Microwave oatmeal (oatmeal, water, milk, frozen blueberries, chopped dates) for 2 minutes= yummm


Snack: Larabar that was in my Eater basket, Thanks Mom!

Late Lunch: Taco salad with homemade salsa. Yes, that is a dollop of greek yogurt sitting atop my healthy portion of cheese. Don’t worry there’s spinach in there somewhere!


Dinner: Chicken Tacos w/guacamole, fajita vegetables, and fresh salsa. I guess it was just a tex-mex kind of day!

IMG_0458 IMG_0459

Treats: Starburst jellybeans, Reese’s egg, dark chocolate caramel square, and gluten-free  sugar cookies.


Hope you all had a great Easter!

As always thanks to Jenn from peasandcrayons for hosting!



7 thoughts on “Easter Recap WIAW

  1. Anastasia says:

    I love the blue and white dress you are wearing! It’s really pretty. And all your food looks so good—especially the taco salad. I am totally adding that to my meal plan one week. Good luck suffering through your candy pile haha

  2. sweetsandbeets says:

    Obsessed with those darn jelly beans! The other day my coworker left for lunch and I told him come back with those, or don’t come back at all 🙂 🙂 hehe. Looks like a nice Easter. Mine was lovely too! Love your dress.

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