WIAW: Is Hermione Vegan? HP-Land

So to an (almost) Nutrition professional both traveling and amusement parks raise red flags of eating out and indulgences. While, yes both of those things did and should happen on vacation, here is how I ate on vacation!

This WIAW spans many days, so just sit back and enjoy the ride (pun intended).

Sunday travel day: SOO MANY SNACKS…and coffee. Basically the only way to travel!

IMG_3380 IMG_3381IMG_3272

Monday in Florida

Breakfast: The hotel did not have a continental breakfast so we scavenged around and ate the rest of the snacks we had packed for our trip the day before. The end result was actually pretty satisfying. We ended up having apples, strawberries, lemon poppyseed muffins, and coffee!

IMG_3341Lemon MuffinsWe meandered over to the park around 10am and didn’t eat lunch until around 3pm to avoid the long lunch lines. Thank goodness for butter beer because the sugary goodness held me over until the late lunch.


Lunch: At The Leaky Cauldron at Harry Potter Land. They have a gluten-free option and it is DELICOUS! They only have one option which is chicken sandwich with bacon and stewed tomatoes on a g-free bun with a side salad. I don’t know if it was because I was starving or what but it tasted like the best meal I’ve ever had.

IMG_0010Starbucks Afternoon pick me up, the addiction runs strong..

IMG_0001Dinner: Pineapple and carrots with hummus around 9pm after aerial yoga class (unpictured, because inhaled due to intense hunger)

And that is my crazy wacky day of eats!

Thanks to Jenn from PeasandCrayons for hosting.



8 thoughts on “WIAW: Is Hermione Vegan? HP-Land

  1. Liv @ Healthy Liv says:

    I love seeing vacation eats posts! Your Universal trip sounds like so much fun. I used to live in Orlando and we got seasons passes one year, which was the BEST! But we never stayed in a resort, so I can only imagine how cool that was!

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