Moving and Grooving Monday

Happy Monday to all of you! This surge of warm weather has definitely put me in a great mood for the coming week. Well, that, AND Chris is not traveling this week (Yaaay!) and it’s spring break next week! All of that combined has my spirits lifted.

Weekend Recap, the wonderful sunny weather lead to many sunny walks and outside time as well as smoothies, pizza, and cupcakes!

IMG_0403 IMG_0410 IMG_0422 IMG_0420 IMG_0421

So I have gotten a few questions  about my work out routine. And I thought it would be fitting to answer this as Chris and I begin training for the Minneapolis half marathon this week! I am trying to beat my time of 1:49 this May, so let the training begin!

IMG_1386IMG_0028 IMG_0027

Umm like my personality, my workouts are pretty random and seem to change every week, but I will give you the scoop on my typical exercising habits.

When I am not training for anything (which is 99% of my life). I typically work out 4-5 times a week. Being a student at the University of Minnesota has its perks including a HUGE like 5 level gym and numerous group fitness classes. I really enjoy group fitness especially cycling, step, and TNT (tone and tighten) or bootcamp classes.

Monday: 6:45 CSI (cardio strength intervals) group fitness class at the U. This always leaves my arms so SORE.

Tuesday: 6 am Running Club. I leave my apartment at 5:55 am to meet one of my friends from school (who’s an ultra marathoner, she has at least 3 marathons under her belt, so I consider her a professional) and her sister. We do like 4.6 miles and in the last half mile there is a never-ending hill that kills me every time.

Wednesday: Rest OR 6:45 Cycle Core. Another group fitness class that is 45 minutes on the bike and then 15 minutes of assorted planking and ab moves. I can’t do 60 minutes on the bike, I get waay to distracted and fidgety.

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 4-5 mile run.

Saturday: Usually an at home work-out ranging from Jillian Michaels to Insanity when Chris convinces me to do it. Chris really likes insanity, but it’s not my favorite haha mostly because It’s HARD!

Sunday: Rest, church,  eat a large brunch, and enjoy married life.


Of course now I will shift towards more running and less cycling/group fitness classes. I hope you all have a great week and enjoy the beautiful weather!



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