WIAW: Pre-Lent Feasting

Well folks, this is it. The big 4-0 (forty days of lent) has started. I think it is a little rude to look over all the gorgeous pictures of food, on a day of fasting. But hey what’s a little sacrifice?

Instead of showing off my fat Tuesday feasting, I chose to showcase my Monday, because, well, I’m lame. But honestly my fat Tuesday looked pretty similar to this, with the addition of a night time scone oh and a mid-day vanilla latte!


Both days I opted to supplement my day with candy instead of my usual larabar and fruit at snack time…well, because I was pre-feasting, obviously!


Breakfast: Oatmeal with banana and strawberries. Lunch: Leftover three bean quinoa chili with 2 eggs and avocado on top.

IMG_3262 IMG_3264

Snacking: Reeses, Dark Chocolate Truffles, Chocolate covered almonds…basically anything chocolate. Aaannd some venison summer sausage made by my Father-in-law. Oh my goodness summer sausage is my weakness, I could eat it all day and all night. And this venison summer sausage is top notch! Yumm. I keep sending Chris pictures every time I eat it(because he is away on business) and he is super jealous!

IMG_3270 IMG_3269

Dinner: Mediterranean Salad with homemade dressing and chickpea croutons! Recipe here. With a side of sweet potato fries (unpictured, too busy getting wrapped up in the Bachelor drama).


Dessert: Finally finished this guy, while trying not to choke, while scoffing at the bachelor and his poor communication skills.

Happy Ash Wednesday and here’s to a blessed lent filled with much prayer, fasting, and alms giving. Lent is a season for growing, but to grow we must first be open to the plans the Lord has for us.

As always thanks to Jenn from peasandcrayons for hosting this food fiesta.



4 thoughts on “WIAW: Pre-Lent Feasting

    • faith, hope & quinoa says:

      Yeah.. I thought I was with the rest of the country and liked Chris, but the more I watched the more I did not like. He can not make a decision to save his life! And he ratted out Ashley! haha Why does he make me so mad?

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