Cashew Buns, Florida, and Reunions

Hey Guys!

Sorry for all the updates and changes to! I have been needing a change of pace and a bit of makeover, so I have been trying to spruce things up a bit. So I hope you look the new look, because all the rest is still the same, including the wonderful me!

So I am kind of freaking out, because on Tuesday I started my LAST semester of school EVER! Oh man I am so excited and with all this excitement comes a lot of scattered thoughts and craziness rattling around in my seemingly empty brain.

Because of this special occasion I thought I would try something new! This week I am being totally unconventional and I am crashing Runningwithspoons Thursday Thinking Out Loud party. So enjoy reading the randomness that is going on in my life!

1. First of all, The March for Life is today in Washington D.C. I had the pleasure of attending three of these back when I was an undergrad at Franciscan University of Steubenville. It is so powerful to be there fighting for the unborn and for the rights  of all human life.

100_0024 100_0036

2. I have been obsessed with the cookbook Against All Grain. I made her hamburger buns last week which are made from cashews (pictured below). And then I made her banana bread last night and let me tell you it is pure deliciousness! I love taking homemade treats for lunch it just brightens my day.


3. I have officially booked my plane tickets to visit my sister over spring break! The husband could not get the week off of work so I will be reverting back to my single days and traveling with the parentals. I’m pretty excited about this trip.


4. We almost have all our wedding presents moved to the apartment. Uffda it is quite the task to find a place to put all these wonderful gifts. Our apartment could be the face of a Target Ad if Target wanted to feature a small one bedroom in the midst of a frozen tundra.


5. My husband comes home from a 2 week trip tonight and I am so excited! It has been a long two weeks and I can’t wait to snuggle up and watch a movie and eat some popcorn. He made me watch the first of the Hobbit trilogy and now I need to finish the set.

IMG_0014 IMG_0019

Question of the day (to continue the randomness): What is your favorite drink for brunch?

I am more of a water drinker, but for brunch I have to have coffee. Ideally it is a fancy latte or if I am feeling super adventurous a bloody mary (no coffee in that one).

I have some awesome recipes to share with you all soon! Thanks for being patient with me.



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