Faith Friday/Pre-Wedding Recap

So as the snow steadily falls here in Minneapolis, I am all cozy in my bed drinking my latte and reminiscing about my wedding (sorry I wrote this yesterday but due to internet problems didn’t publish till today). Hmmm sounds dreamy, but even as I write this I am going a little stir crazy with winter break and these frigid temperatures there has been a lot of inside time and I can’t wait to get outside!

Anyway I am going to jump around and skip the bachelorette party and rehearsal and come to it later because I need to capitalize on Faith Friday! I will start at the beginning of the wedding day, but keep this in the back of your  mind: Chris and I had decided that we wanted to see each other for the first time as I was walking down the aisle, but we did want to exchange presents before the wedding. So Faith Friday will come full circle, just trust me on this one.

7:30: My alarm went off and believe it or not I actually was asleep. Many of my newlywed friends warned me that I would not sleep a wink on my pre-wedding night.

8: arrived at the hair salon with my mom. Unfortunately my cousin who was the second hair stylist came down with a stomach virus that night so Desiree was on her own and  stepped up to the plate and worked double time to beautify us all!


1012952_10152847250461273_4318508148670616210_n 10455088_10100380294059852_7885889225934089198_n

9: My friend from elementary school worked on my make-up. If you know me I NEVER wear anything on my face, so I was really excited to get all done up. She is pretty-much a professional and I got so many compliments on my make-up. Thanks Anna! It was also fun to catch up with her as she is a fellow newlywed.

11: We arrived at the church and had a yogurt bar as we started to get dressed. The photographer showed up at this time and it was showtime.


12pm: Chris and I get pulled away from our separate groups to exchange presents. It felt so great to just hold his hand. So I was a little distracted when he handed me a HUGE square for a present and a typed letter. My hand were shaking as I read the beautiful words he had written in the letter. Then it came time to finally quench my curiosity I pulled of the wrapping and my mouth dropped as a squeal escaped my lips.


Chris had gone through a (very demanding) process to get our marriage blessed by the pope. THE POPE! I was just so blown away at the pure awesomeness of the present and my future husband. I am so lucky to find someone that takes care of me physically and spiritually. Chris’s faith has and always will be an inspiration to me.


When I walked back in all my friends and family were equally as astounded. Quote from my grandmother “Chris is a gem.”

When asked by many vendors what hobbies Chris and I like to do, the first thing that always enters my mind is our faith life. Through the years of long distance we have always kept prayer and the Lord at the center of our relationship, and now as we start our own family it is important to keep this as well as deepen these traditions.

I hope you all enjoyed this Faith Friday. Stay warm and eat some quinoa!


Recap to be continued….The Wedding Ceremony



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