Well folks, here it is, my first post as a married woman! I have been out of the internet/blogging world for so long but I had the most amazing wedding and reception and then we were whisked off to our honeymoon in a blur. It has been an adventurous and life-changing turn of events and I could not be happier! Throughout the week I will work on posts to catch you all up on the happiness of our winter wedding wonderland extravaganza. I will tell you know I have never felt so loved. My family and friends and Chris helped out so much and always had kind words of encouragement and love at all times.


But anyway enough of the mushy gushy stuff let us get to what I have been eating. These past couple weeks have been so atypical, I am excited to share it with you! I chose to share what I have been feasting on for a week at an all inclusive resort in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.


A typical day in paradise goes like this:

~8 am wake up and greet the sweet sunshine and salty ocean air. Walk down and have the most amazing coffee con leche ever,while seated pretty much on the beach. For breakfast I would usually have the juice of the day (soo good) and a cup of fruit with homemade yogurt and some eggs on the side.


On occasion a bloody mary was had…IMG_3577

The we would indulge in some fancy coffee that is included in our all-inclusiveness for a mid morning snack.


Lunch takes us to the buffet. Oh my goodness the food was soo fresh with loads of seafood. Nothing was really labeled so to play it safe, I stuck mostly to the salad bar, grilled salmon, and LOTS of guacamole.


Then after lunch I would have one (or maybe a few more)  mango margaritas while laying on the beach!

Dinner: Our last night we redeemed our fancy lobster dinner and her it was also very very good. The appetizer was ceviche with mango salsa, and the dessert was chocolate mousse.


IMG_0068 IMG_0067IMG_0069

Ahh we just had so much fun together! And clearly ate A LOT.IMG_0072

I will be recapping the wedding and honeymoon soon. But thank you all for the love and support in 2014 and I can’t wait to see what happens in 2015.

As always head over to Jenn from peasandcrayons to check out the world of eats from other bloggers.



13 thoughts on “WIAW: MARRIED

  1. Abbie says:

    Congratulations! Looks like an amazing honeymoon! I’m planning one right now. Any chance you can share the name of the resort and any advice? Thanks so much 🙂

    • faith, hope & quinoa says:

      Hey Abbie,
      This was my first Caribbean adventures, so by all means I am no expert. With that being said, we stayed at Ocean Coral and Turquesa Resort in Cancun Mexico and I had a blast. We were originally booked at Ocean River Royale but switched due to overbooking. We took one excursion while we were there which I highly recommend! We went to Xel-ha bay and Tulum (ancient Mayan ruins). It was nice to get away from the resort for a day and experience the culture. I am hoping to recap soon about the wedding and honeymoon and will go into more detail! Hope that helped a little bit.

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