Two is the loneliest Number!


Ok people, 2/TWO weeks to go! I am done with my semester and Wedding planning is in full swing. It’s coming down to crunch time and many to-do lists are being formed. It seems like most days I cross off a few items and then and on 10 more. But the glorious end is insight!

Best Moment of the Week: Soo this past Saturday I had a final at 10:30 and Chris and I went for an early run (to take advantage of the 40° weather) and while I hopped in the shower and started reviewing for my final. Chris made me a 4 course, delicious breakfast!



It included french press coffee; pear; eggs with garlic (lots of garlic), spinach, and cheese; perfectly cooked bacon; and a smoothie!! His kindness never ceases to amaze me. I was blown away! 

Excited For: This morning I was working out (at 6:45) and my friend had recently been to Mexico, where we are honeymooning and she had  some good recommendations. It made me really excited! I’ve been so wrapped up in school and wedding planning I think the honeymoon has been slipping my mind!


Anxious about: Right now we are finalizing the wedding programs, and that will be great when those are done and ready to be printed.

Need to Do: We finished our wedding prep with the Deacon and now we are meeting with Father on Sunday to plan out the details of the ceremony. Haha like I said it’s down to crunch time!

Looking forward to: MY SISTER IS COMING ON MONDAY! I cannot wait for her to get here. She has planned a super fun painting-the-town bachelorette party. And we need to go chop down a Christmas tree and get manicures and pedicures! I just can’t wait. Oh and for Chris to get back from California 🙂

IMG013 100_0747


Chris and I would love your prayers as we prepare for marriage! And if anyone has words of wisdom we would love to hear them.


8 thoughts on “Two is the loneliest Number!

  1. Mom says:

    Remember the marriage is way more than what happens on the 27th. It is just a beautiful blip on the radar. Don’t sweat the small stuff…so if there is a blizzard or the flowers freeze, it will still be amazing! Appreciate each other EVERYDAY!

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