WIAW: Wedding Prep

Well hello everyone! I feel like I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off, but surprisingly I think it may just be getting a little better soon. I just sent in my last take home final and I am free of the stress of school. So now my focus is all on wedding stuff….oh and Chris’s birthday this Saturday 🙂 So many good times to be had in the next few weeks!

But alas, here are my eats from a snowy/rainy Monday in northern MN, where I may be mooching off my parents.

Breakfast: So call me spoiled but I walk downstairs and there is always one of these waiting for me…obviously precut into cute little wedges.

photo 4      photo 3

Then I also had some oatmeal with blackberries and toasted pecans. I am super into toasting nuts lately! It makes them soo good!

photo 2

Lunch: I ran to Duluth to meet Chris because he flew to California Monday night and it’s his birthday week and he wanted Chipotle. We may have had Starbucks too, which probably made it the PERFECT lunch.

photo 1IMG_0287

Snack: Pear and nuts in the library while I furiously typed my last final!

IMG_2976photo 2

Dinner: Roasted sweet potatoes topped with black beans, quinoa, spinach, feta, and an over medium runny egg on top! Oh the deliciousness.



After Dinner treat some dark chocolate Lindt truffles that my mom stuffed into the best advent calendar ever!

Head over to peasandcrayons to check out what everyone else is eating this week! And remember to take time enjoy the little things in life, especially when you have a million things to do!


Question of the Day: What food are you most excited to eat this Christmas season? I would have to say I am super excited for Egg Bake at my grandma’s house on Christmas day and some egg nog here and there.


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