THREE Weeks!

All Righty Folks, I cannot believe I am saying this but there are 3 weeks until the wedding! Gah I’m so excited. Because of my final schedule my lovely fiancé, and guest blogger extraordinaire, Chris has come to the rescue. Plus he is right in the thick of this wedding stuff anyway 😉 Thanks Chris, you’re the best.

From the viewpoint of this good-looking guy:


Best Moment of the Week: Popcorn! Our local movie theater, who Alyssa and I called in order to get an appetizer of popcorn at the reception, and the owner said he would donate it! So cool and so delicious!

Excited For: Oh my gosh so much! It’s going to be such a whirlwind! My birthday is the 20th, Christmas, Wedding, and then off to Mexico and bringing in the New Year’s down there. It’ll be a busy and wonderful time!

Anxious about: Forgetting something huge! There’s all these little details (which I can’t wait for them to be done). I’m worried we will forget to do something that is actually really necessary. Soooo we’ll see how that goes

Need to Do: Get things squared away for the Groom’s dinner, pay vendors, and party on December 27th!

Looking forward to: The planning to be DONE! It’s always just hanging over your head, it’ll be nice to get this stressor outta here, see friends and family, and then head off to Mexico!!

I love you so much Alyssa and you’re the best! (I’m sure that’s what Chris was thinking and just forgot to mention)

alyssaandchris-39 alyssaandchris-28

~Alyssa (& Chris)


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