WIAW: Orange, Orange, Orange

I am knee-deep in finals preparation (and procrastination). But in the midst of all that, yesterday started out with a bike ride to spin class. It was very cold and I made the mistake of wearing ankle socks and so the cold wind was a creeping up my leg. Brrrr



So for breakfast I had half of my overnight oats with frozen raspberries and homemade granola and saved the over half for my post workout breakfast. Once I was back at my warm apartment, I enjoyed my second breakfast with a large mug of coffee to try to dispense the cold chill from my bones.


Then I meandered over to one of our elementary schools that I am doing data collection at for my Master’s Project. The food service manager graciously offered me a lunch and so I had a “snack” of sides consisting of mashed potatoes, green beans, broccoli, and a pile of grapes! I still can’t believe there is such a variety of fruits and vegetables at elementary schools.


Then I went to Starbucks to redeem a free drink in the form of a gingerbread latte (2 pumps ginger bread and an extra shot of espresso), and eat my very orange snack of orange bell peppers, carrots, and 2 clementines. And I did some studying for finals week.


Then for dinner I had a taco salad with a lot of spinach, red peppers, onion, black beans, and chopped black bean burger on top. I dressed my salad with a scoop of greek yogurt and a ton of  salsa.



This is the brand of black bean burgers that I use. They are gluten-free, spicy, and delicious!
DSCN0592Then I finished the day with my orange theme and had an orange as I studied the night away and some un-pictured caramel popcorn.

IMG_0329Question of the day: Are you a clementine or an orange person? While I have been eating both of them all-day, every-day. My heart lies with the traditional orange. Yum

As always thanks to Jens from peasandcrayons for hosting this WIAW.




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