4 Weeks to “I Do”

I am sorry to all of you that you missed out on the 5th week wedding countdown post. I know you all were heartbroken, but here is a reason to smile. Chris and I will be getting married in just 4 short weeks.


Best Moment of the Week: Obviously Thanksgiving! It was so great to be able to spend the day with my TWO families now. And it’s so interesting to me how the families are so different, and express love differently, but most importantly there was just so much love and laughter. I am happy to be surrounded by so much love.

Excited For: Chris and I did a little dancing at a Ugly Sweater Christmas party this Friday, and it got me excited for our first dance!


Anxious about: Finals! and Staying within our budget. Things keep popping up last minute (but alas that is not your problem).

Need to Do: At the moment I am actually taking a step back from wedding planning, as it is getting crazier, because of finals! These last 2 weeks of school are CRAZY for me. I am doing data collection for my master’s project while attending all day workshops and finals on top of all of that.

Looking forward to: Celebrating this advent season with Chris and being able to spend a lot of time out of Minneapolis after I finish this semester!






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