WIAW: Extreme Tailgaiting


So this past week was clearly full of some face-stuffage, but I did not take any pictures of Thanksgiving, unfortunately. So today I  will highlight what I ate on Sunday, because I got to take part in a fun tradition of Chris’s family. As everyone knows by now, Chris is a die-hard Vikings fan, and his whole family follows suit. They love everything football and everything Vikings.

IMG_0257 IMG_0258

With love of football comes love of tail-gating and Chris’s dad is a tail-gating professional! He has the system down pat and jumps at the opportunity for tail-gate breakfast even in the freezing cold.. Now you may be judging me for my HUGE jacket (which is affectionately name big blue), but folks it was only 10° and we were eating OUTSIDE! IMG_0259

Breakfast: hashbrowns lovingly cooked by Chris’s brother because they were gluten-free and had to be separate from the hash brown patties on the menu for everyone else (I know, so high maintenance) and a side of eggs and a piece of bacon. Chris cooked the bacon…while drinking beer.


There was also hot chocolate and bloody mary’s! After eating, they all trudged to the game (the stadium is less then 2 miles away) and froze their keesters off. Meanwhile I went inside, warmed up, and started on my huge pile of work. And then I randomly snacked on some celery while attacking my emails and homework.

After they got back from the victorious game, Chris’s family left and I made turkey alfredo with peas, spinach, and garlic! It was a little random but it warmed the heart and soul.

IMG_2930 IMG_2931

Then I finished off the day with some Gingerbread Angies popcorn! OMG soo good.



Not too crazy of a day, but at least I did not have to post another picture of overnight oats!

Happy Wednesday, and as always thanks to Jen from peasandcrayons for hosting!


Question of the day: Would you rather eat in extreme cold or extreme heat? This is such a weird question and both do not sound appetizing, but on Sunday it was so cold we had to eat with mittens on and I still couldn’t feel my fingers! So I would say extreme heat. At least my body would be functioning.


5 thoughts on “WIAW: Extreme Tailgaiting

  1. Jessie says:

    I love adding peas to any type of pasta. So obviously I’m a huge fan of your combination of flavors :). To answer your question I’d have to go with heat. I don’t handle cold well at all. Hah!

  2. Laura says:

    I love this post! … almost as much as I love Chris’ sweater!! So awesome! Sounds like a fun day of eating!! Your pasta dinner sounds very awesome to me! As for miserable eating… (either would be awful for me) but I gotta say I would rather eat cold… in the heat I would feel just so gross! ha ha

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