WIAW Pies. Pies. Pies.

Well Hello there and happy Thanksgiving eve!

I started yesterday strong and took pictures of what I ate but then things started to get sketchy near the end of the day. So I hope you will enjoy and use your imagine to fill in the gaps.

As always thanks to Jen from peasandcrayons for hosting this food day awesomeness.

It all began with an early morning workout that left me starving! It was a mix of a bootcamp/interval training that left quite the burn. After working out I had some cereal with fruit and cinnamon. Such a winning combination.

IMG_2878       IMG_2879


Then I snacked through the morning while I worked on a big paper that I desperately need to finish before Thanksgiving! Ugh Advanced Human Nutrition you will be the death of me!

IMG_2881    IMG_2880


And of course I had my trusty-dusty mug of coffee!

Then I had lunch with my dad at the buffet in the Black Bear Casino in Cloquet (this is the part where things get sketchy). I will illustrate with my words what I ate. I limited myself to two plates, I will not go in depth about how big the plates were :). My first was a HUGE salad with ALL the fixings and a mix of cottage cheese and french as the dressing. So good. Then finished off my buffet time with a smaller plate of mashed potatoes, green beans, italian sausage, corn, and some grapes!


Then, I went over to my grandmas to make pies! This was my first pie making experience and it was soo much fun. You can tell that pie making is definitely one of those skills that just takes time to acquire. But I learned from the best and had a great evening with my grandma, aunts, and one of my cousins! We finished off the night with some spaghetti while the apple pies  baked to perfection in the oven. Love them all!

IMG_3749           IMG_3743



Then Chris brought me a latte, after we met with the Church Choir director and he also got me my favorite gluten-free chocolate chip cookie! #spoiled.

IMG_0243 IMG_0245


Sorry for the lack of pictures, but I hope you enjoy your Wednesday and give someone you love a big big hug today!






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