Wedding…Only 6 Weeks!

Hey everyone! I had such a great time reading what everyone ate yesterday and now I have some major cooking to do with all these new recipe ideas. But enough about food…onto the main event!


Best Moment of the Week: On Saturday Chris and I went out to eat for a late lunch date and I got to eat my favorite salmon burger. So delicious with some sweet potato hash on the side. It was simple but it was just nice to relax and eat together.


Excited For: We met with all our wedding vendors this weekend and while by the end of the weekend we had drunk more coffee than we could have ever wanted (we met at coffee shops), we were able to set everything  up. And it got me so excited and hungry for the big day that is coming up!

Anxious about: My mom has been having a few issues with her kidneys so I’m just hoping all is well in that arena and that she recovers quickly.

Need to Do: Spray paint and bead some cone trees to finish the table decorations. Also, we have one last marriage prep class at our church! We have been love meeting with the Deacon and his wife, and we always end up smiling as we leave because you can tell there relationship is filled with so much love.

Looking forward to: Being done with wedding planning and just enjoying focusing on my schoolwork and on Chris!





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