WIAW: Hopefully Normal

Happy Wednesday folks! First, I have to give a big shout out and thanks for Chris’s post last week. He is seriously entertaining, and I tried not to take any of his little jabs too personally 🙂

As always thanks to Jen from Peasandcrayons for hosting this 200th WIAW! Wow

Let’s get down to business, here is what I munched on, on Monday. Hopefully it’s kind of normal…ok I already know that it’s not because where’s the fun in that?

For Breakfast, no surprise here, it’s…..oatmeal!


With banana, cinnamon, walnuts, and raspberries. I switched it up just a bit, but can’t go too crazy.


Ok, no I forgot to snap a picture of the salad that I brought and ate in between my classes. It had spinach, quinoa, beans, roasted sweet potatoes, and chicken. With an orange on the side.

Snack: A honey crisp apple (duh) with almonds and dark chocolate. Perfect for an afternoon pick me up and great fuel for some Gilmore Girls watching.

IMG_2794 IMG_2793

Dinner: I made some lentil sweet potato chili to have throughout the week. Yumm. I still have a few kinks to work out before it is blog ready (too much cinnamon) but it is still darn good. And it helped me to clean out my fridge of some lingering vegetables which is always a plus.


Sorry about the weird coloring, it was a little dark.


Then I rounded out my Monday with some Berry tea and some pumpkin ice cream (seriously can’t get over this stuff).

IMG_2800     IMG_2801 IMG_2802      IMG_2803

Enjoy your Wednesday!

Question of the day: What is your favorite ice cream flavor or dessert if you don’t like ice cream? (I don’t know why I’m asking this now that is is freezing cold outside) While pumpkin is magically delicious, my favorite is raspberry dark chocolate. Yummm.





16 thoughts on “WIAW: Hopefully Normal

  1. sweetsandbeets says:

    Haha, I really thought you were having McDonalds! No judgment if you were. ; ) I loove a good lentil concoction in the crock pot .. so easy and delicious! I fought the temptation on that Trader Joe’s ice cream (haha) buuut I just discovered a dairy free ice cream based here in Austin that I love! It’s on my blog today — but I have to say, my fave flavor overall is Almond Joy!

  2. body&mindpower says:

    I just love that you were watching Gilmore Girls! Love that show, always end up with a craving for coffee though.. 🙂

  3. Laura says:

    mmmm… Kemps Raspberry Cowtracks! so yummy!! But yes dark chocolate and raspberry…. 🙂 I hear you Alyssa!! … mint chocolate chip has always served me well too!

  4. Miss Polkadot says:

    Honey Crips are super rare finds over here but I picked up a few humongous ones at the Farmers’ Market today.
    Your lentil chili sounds good to me already. Any kind of chili sans meat but with lots of legumes and vegetables gets my vote.

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