WIAW: Deer Hunting

As always thanks to Jen from peasandcrayons for hosting this fun celebration of food! Without further ado here is Chris’s WIAW post. Enjoy!


Well hello! I’m happy to be back and writing another blog post! This time it is for What I Ate Wednesday…except this took place over the weekend. I’d like to first start with mentioning that I agree with Alyssa’s sister, Sara, that she never eats “normal” things. However, due to the special occasion over this weekend, my meals weren’t exactly “normal” either, but I would argue still more normal than what Alyssa eats.



Anyway, anyone from Minnesota knows that Saturday was deer hunting opener (for firearms). The alarm went off at 5:30 am and the excitement began. If you’ve never been hunting before, there is no explanation for how it makes you feel. Ah, it is just a wonderful time and I can’t express that enough. I set out to my deer stand with my thermos full of percolated coffee and a doughnut. One of those two items are Alyssa approved. But you have to have some homely food when you’re sitting outside in the 20 degree weather for hours on end (9 degrees on Sunday). And yes, that is my idea of fun…although I somehow couldn’t convince Alyssa to join me.


Well after a successful morning hunt (I was able to shoot a decent sized doe and my uncle got a 4 point buck, the hunting crew (which is myself, my older brother Matt, Matt’s girlfriend Jamie, my younger brother Jon, my cousin Nicholas and one of his friends, two of my uncles, my dad, and my grandpa) found ourselves back to the shack and we had Eggs Benedict with specialty hashbrowns. This includes our fried eggs, toasted English muffins, ham, and hollandaise sauce (which is even better topped with salsa). The hashbrowns are browned to perfection with some green peppers and onions. SO GOOD. (I can picture Alyssa rolling her eyes at “hollandaise.”

IMG_0232             IMG_0210

I would also like to mentionwhat I had on Sunday because it is a classic at deer camp: “deer balls”….or Scottish Eggs if you would like the proper term. These consist of a hardboiled egg, which is then wrapped in venison breakfast sausage and baked. To make it extra tasty, croissant dough is placed on top and it is then baked for a few additional minutes. (Once again, insert Alyssa eye roll.).

Back out to our respective stands we went, but unfortunately it was not a successful evening hunt. Daylight came to a close and I was now covered with snow. So we started dinner preparations. Now, at the shack (and my family’s cabin in Canada), we certainly go all out on meals. This dinner consisted of fried wontons that had cabbage, carrots, and venison breakfast sausage inside and then grilled onions, mushrooms, green peppers, and marinated venison. And all that was placed on a bed of rice that had carrots and peas mixed in. And of course, I might have had a couple of beers as well, but what’s hunting without some adult beverages?

IMG_0225   IMG_0219 IMG_0220 IMG_0217   IMG_0221 IMG_0216

Obviously, it wasn’t the healthiest of days/weekends, but hunting brings about a different sort of need for food, if you ask me. When I’m out in the stand I’m not going to be making a bunch of noise munching on carrots or celery. And with only having two full meals throughout the day (gotta maximize the daylight for the most amount of hunting time possible), I’m definitely a proponent have having food that is going to be more filling. Plus, everyone on my dad’s side of the family sure knows how to cook a hearty meal.


But I hope you enjoyed the change of pace from Alyssa’s meals and found my hunting shack meals interesting…because they sure were delicious.

Thanks and have a great day! Go enjoy some venison and best of luck to all hunters!



5 thoughts on “WIAW: Deer Hunting

  1. Laura says:

    WOW!! I like the guest appearance for WIAW! Nice work Chris! … also, I would be willing to take Alyssa’s spot in your hunting camp next year… I don’t hunt, but I am very comfortable in the woods and like to EAT!!! 🙂

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