It’s HERE!

IMG_2777Good Morning and Happy Tuesday. This blog post is short and sweet because I am too busy cuddling up in a pile of blanket and conserving energy to stay warm….ok slightly exaggerating, but people WINTER is HERE. And it’s mighty cold. But that means it’s just getting closer to Christmas and December 27th (I digress).

Soo anyway this weekend I had a volleyball tournament where I had a complete blast. I love playing with my dad! We got second place (yay!)….in the losers bracket (double yay!).

IMG_2762And then Sunday was filled with wedding crafting, and yes you will have to wait for Thursday to see a sneak peek!

Speaking of sneak peaks here is one for tomorrow’s WIAW post. Hint: nothing this person ate was made in a house. Hint: this person will by tying the knot to a great girl on Dec 27th 🙂


Yup, you guessed it (or maybe not). Chris did I WIAW post hunting shack edition!IMG_0226His family eats gourmet food at their shack, so just prepare to be amazed!

Stay warm and eat some quinoa!






3 thoughts on “It’s HERE!

  1. Dad says:

    What is going on in the sky in the snow photo?!?! Or is that a reflection of your ceiling lamp in the trees and you are being all artsy fartsy?

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