Winter Wedding 8 Weeks Away

Happy Thursday everyone!

I feel like these wedding updates come every few days, it’s crazy that we are already one more week closer to the Big day! Also if anyone asks, long distance still stinks!


Best Moment of the Week: Going to mass with Chris on Sunday morning. It is alway so great to start our weeks together and to start it with some Jesus!

Excited For: This week, my best friend, Linda, who happens to be a newlywed took me on a girls night and we went shopping and of course chatted. It was so great to talk about wedding, marriage, aka the whole nine yards. Talking about it made it more real and  just made me so excited to start this next chapter in our lives and to start to identify who we are as a married couple.

Anxious about: Not forgetting anything or anybody! It is coming down to crunch time and I don’t want to miss anything. Also the whole dress bustle thing.

Need to Do: Be less anxious 🙂 But really our DJ sent us a million questions so it has been fun going down memory lane and remembering why and how I fell in love with this wonderful man in the first place.

Looking forward to: Christmas!!! (don’t judge), coffee dates, cooking (I have so many recipes marked I need to make them) and lots and lots of crafting (hopefully a crafty gene will suddenly come alive in me).





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