Here we go, the story of my Tuesday life, welcome one and all!

Now I don’t want to give anything away, but next week there might be a special guest post WIAW. So stay tuned.

In the meantime head over to peasandcrayons and check out this celebration of food hosted by Jen.

It started with an early morning spin class. I always think I am getting “better” at spin class and therefore will be less sweaty, but each spin class is sweatier than the last. I returned home to a bowl of overnight oats. They just never get old.

IMG_0274Then lunch time rolled around while I was at one of the elementary schools for my master’s project. So I finished up and headed to Starbucks for some studying…AND some red cup loving!


I enjoyed a gopicnic which is a great option for a quick lunch that packs a lot of protein. The balanced lunch is good, but the best part is everything packaged into cute little bags that no one can resist. And there is squirt able hummus, sounds a little shady but it’s great and FUN. Obviously I enjoyed a honey crisp the size of my face, because that’s how I do apples.IMG_0275Then I had a Larabar for a snack.

IMG_0276And finished the day with some breakfast for dinner! It doesn’t look the greatest but it sure hit the spot. With a couple of Halloween Reese’s on the side.


Question of the day: What is your favorite brinner food? I think mine would be eggs. I can eat them 24/7 in any way shape or form.

Eat some quinoa and be merry!





13 thoughts on “WIAW #8

  1. Sam @ PancakeWarriors says:

    Holy moly that apple! LOL I love the go picnic – I’ve never seen one before! I still need to go get me a red cup this year – love the holiday drinks, sigh once I go I’ll be addicted once again 🙂 Girl the sweatier you get at spin the better you did – you’ve got it backwards LOL. Great day of eats thanks for sharing

    • faith, hope & quinoa says:

      Really? Gopicnics can be found at your local neighborhood target store! They are about $3.50, I think. But they are great if you are gluten free and need a quick snack. They are supposed to be a complete meal, but personally I like to beef them up a bit with a side of apple or some veggies. And thanks I will have to remember, the sweatier the better!

  2. Kay Bueno says:

    Awww. Go picnic makes me think of lunchables for adults. So cute.

    I love eggs as breakfast for dinner, but I gotta sneak some bacon and pancakes in too sometimes. 🙂

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