Winter Wedding Wonderland 9 Weeks Remaining!

I hope you have been enjoying your Thursday, even if you just woke up.


So I hope you enjoyed last weeks wedding update, because here comes another! We are officially less than 2 months away, eeek!

alyssaandchris-27Excited for: Living together with my future husband! So this week Chris is working in St. Paul and I have been soaking up all the time with him that I can. It has been so great cooking and eating dinner together on WEEKNIGHTS. Naturally, this has me daydreaming of when Chris moves into this apartment and adjusting to life as a married couple (all the daydreaming and time with Chris has lead to quite an unproductive week).

IMG_0202Anxious about: I have this irrational fear of messing up the vows during our wedding and this keeps slipping into my mind this week. I just have to repeat what the priests says, so clearly this should be something not to worry about.

Need to Do: This week we have been focusing on picking the music for the wedding (there’s going to be a lot of Christmas music if you want a bit of a sneak peak). Chris is the more musical one in our relationship so it is great having his input. I also need to bustle my dress so I can be ready to get my groove on at the reception.

Looking forward to: Getting my veil from Silver Rose which will complete my wedding day ensemble and finishing this semester of school.



I’m hoping that soon the list of “need-to-do” will get just a bit shorter!




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