WIAW #7 Taco Tuesday

Good morning all!

I was able to spend last night with Chris at Theology on Tap, and it was such a treat to see Chris during the week! I was loving every minute of it! But lets see what happened during the rest of the day:


As always thanks to Jen from peasandcrayons for hosting this fun celebration of food!

My alarm clock went off at 7 and I rolled out of bed to bike to a spin class….so much biking. I inhaled a banana with some peanut butter for my pre workout fuel!

After spin I came back and had two fried eggs and cinnamon apple for breakfast!

Then I did some work for my Master’s Project. I am looking at tray waste in elementary schools so I spent 3 hours watching mashed pototes and gravy getting thrown away by adorable little humans!

Then I wandered over to Caribou and enjoyed lunch while I studied (my classes have kind of crept up on me this semester…wedding brain).

IMG_1799    IMG_0260       IMG_0261

Chris is a great baker and went to town whipping these babies up this weekend: Chris’s own signature creation of pumpkin spice peanut putter cookies…basically peanut butter cookies with pumpkin chocolate chips! Long story short, I had a cookie and some celery for snack!

IMG_2720     IMG_2719IMG_0264

Then for dinner we feasted on Tacos..obviously because it was Taco Tuesday. We had turkey tacos with sautéed onions and green peppers served with cheesy beans and sweet potato fries


And then for Dessert, we headed out to the cheesecake factory and I had half a slice of the most chocolatey cheesecake I have ever experienced. Soo good, but way too rich to eat the whole slice!


Question of the day: What is your favorite thing to order at a coffee shop? Do you go for a fancy drink or stick with the classic black coffee? I mean I love me a pumpkin spice latte, but that is usually just a special treat. My usual is a dark roast with one pump of a fancy flavor (pumpkin if it is in season).



6 thoughts on “WIAW #7 Taco Tuesday

  1. Jessie says:

    Pre-pregnancy I would usually just order an iced coffee and add in peppermint extract myself. However, since becoming pregnant I usually just do a coffee free vanilla frappaccino. Not near as good (nor healthy), but it’ll do!

  2. Chris says:

    ALL THE COFFEE. Usually what ever the in season flavor is will work. But when I’m feeling a sugary drink, definitely vanilla. Otherwise plain jane iced coffee is fantastico.

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