Winter Wedding Wonderland – 10 Weeks!

So I am starting a new series that will countdown the last 10 weeks to our wedding!


I have done a horrible job at updating all of you about the wonderful wedding planning process, but every week I will give you a little peak into the craziness!


  1. Excited for: The new glittery blue Tom’s that should be arriving on my door any day now! Things are really starting to come together. And also the RSVPs coming in the mail, I love getting them and see who will be coming!
  2. Anxious about: The Floral arrangements..they are the last big thing we have yet to check off. All the flower shops in Cloquet are closed for Christmas, so now we are in a pickle.
  3. Need to Do: Well besides the flowers, still need to glitterize some lovely mason jars for the tables.
  4. Looking forward to: Finally being married and able to cook and eat dinner together every night, and also to have a helping hand going grocery shopping to have someone brave the crowds with me.

I can’t wait to marry Chris in just 10 short weeks!



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