WIAW #3 An Apple A Day (or 5)

Happy Wednesday! This officially means the week is half way through and we are inching closer to the weekend, and to Matt and Kayla’s Wedding! Matt is Chris’s childhood best friend and Chris is the best man. So we are excited for a night of love and dancing!

But back to eating…I feel like my eating habits are so boring (something I have learned from WIAW and I’m trying to spice up my daily eats). But here we go again WIAW from Monday, because well Wednesday is still got it going on! And as always a big thanks to Jen from Peas and Crayons for hosting this fun celebration of food.

Monday started with a 4.5 mile run, on a perfect blustery fall day! Oh my gosh I was loving the temperature!

Pre-workout I had half of a banana:


Post-workout I had oatmeal made with almond milk and topped with banana (other half of it), chia seed, Zestar apple, pecans, and cinnamon! Seriously a winning combination I like to call apple pie oatmeal!

apple oatmeal

I then walked to campus and got soaked! For lunch I had this colorful salad. You name it, it was in this salad (roasted sweet potatoes, beets, spinach, turkey, sunflower seeds, red pepper, and onion). I topped my salad with cottage cheese and some balsamic vinegar. Such a creamy combination.


Then snack time rolled around (I had a meeting at Starbucks and I had a dark roast with one pump of pumpkin) and I inhaled my second apple of the day…honeycrisp, obviously. And some carrots and super garlic-y hummus, speaking of bad breath! Nothing better then being THAT person eating crunchy carrots at a meeting!


I finished the day with a black bean burger, corn on the cob, and acorn squash topped with feta cheese, pecans, and cracked black pepper (sooo good!).

IMG_2510        IMG_2511


And for dessert a handful of chocolate chips and some peanut butter m&m my lovely neighbor Linda dropped off as a treat for me!

Thanks for checking out my eats!

Question of the day: What’s your favorite apple? Well, during apple season, I love them all (well except Cortland), but my absolute favorite is honey crisp. I know that is so predictable. I have also been loving Sweet River Belles as well!



10 thoughts on “WIAW #3 An Apple A Day (or 5)

  1. Dad says:

    I will followup and say that I got some Sweet 16s on Saturday, that are pretty good. Maybe I need a little tartness as I struggle with the Honeycrisps. They are good, but probably not in my top 5.

  2. sweetsandbeets says:

    Serious food twins. I also had a half a banana before my morning run — and oats after — and a super random salad. Love it! 🙂 haha. I loveeeeeee Honeycrisp apples when they’re on sale! Otherwise I’m a Gala/Fiji girl 🙂

  3. Marnie @ SuperSmartMama says:

    I also learned that my eats could be a little boring and repetitive after I read a few WIAW posts. Since then, I’ve tried to make it a focus to pick one day to really make my eating interesting and varied. It’s actually inspired me to eat better and cook more!

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