WIAW #2 Fall weather

So this Monday I had an early morning meeting and a day full of classes followed by a super intense kettle bell workout (gotta get those arms toned for the wedding).

As always thanks to Jen from peasandcrayons for hosting the WIAW link up! Go check it out!

Here is what fueled me through the day!

For breakfast: overnight oats with raspberries and cinnamon and a mug of coffee to go!


Snack: Kind bar, the lovely coordinator of my program got for me, because they had bagels at the morning meeting! So nice!


Lunch: Vegetable soup with some leftover grilled chicken and black beans. Also some farmer’s market carrots and greek yogurt spinach dip.



Snack: Before Kettlebells I had some apple, celery and peanut butter!



Dinner: Some gluten free spaghetti with turkey meat sauce topped with steamed broccoli and zucchini (with a sprinkle of feta)!

IMG_2424And a pumpkin bar for dessert (recipe soon)!



Question: What is your go-to snack of the day? Lately, I have been all about apples and carrots!




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