Wheat-less Wednesday: Affordable GF options

So as you can read in this post, being gluten-free does have its drawbacks, especially when it comes to the pocket book. That’s why typically I like to eat naturally gluten free foods and tend to steer clear of things that have been processed to become gluten-free. Usually gluten-free alternatives have higher amounts of fat and sugar to make them taste better. With that being said, I still buy some gluten-free products, usually only necessities such as bread and pasta.

However, sometimes you just are craving a cookie, that you don’t need to whip out the food processor and coconut flour to make. In these times, there are some affordable gluten-free options! This week I will highlight some options at Wal-Mart, and hope to continue with most of the major food markets.

Wal-mart just released a new Great Value gluten-free line that has many affordable cookies, pasta, granola bars, and bread. Now I don’t know if I would classify any of these as healthy, but if in need of a treat under $3, here you go!

IMG_0115They have pretzels!IMG_0116 They also have some gluten-free meal options such as mac’n cheese for a busy night option.IMG_0117

They have chocolate chip cookies.IMG_0118They also have oreo-type cookies! These were catching my eye. Oreos are one of the few gluten-containing foods that I really find myself craving!

Now I haven’t tried any of these, I just think it’s interesting that gluten-free options are taking over the world! And these options, as I mentioned before, are all under $3.

Question of the Day: What is your favorite type of cookie?  While I do love oreos, I take after my dad and think my heart belongs with the old fashioned chocolate chip cookie. 



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