Bacon Chase 2014

So I hope you all enjoyed Fun in Florida Part 1, as much as I did. My dad and I keep walking around and saying I want to play Wallyball! We are searching for a racquetball court to try out this new phenomenon, that may be starting to sweep the nation.

Speaking of volleyball type things, Play-offs officially started last night for the summer volleyball league and surprisingly my dad and I kind of dominated. We’ve been staying, consistently in the middle of the pack all season, and then bam beat the first place team in the second round of playoffs!

Today I will be recapping one of the funnest races I have participated in and by far one of the highlights of Chris’s life….THE GREAT BACON CHASE OF 2014.

“What is the bacon chase?”, a sane person might ask. Well, let me tell you: it is a 5k with unlimited bacon and a bloody mary greeting you at the finish line. Sounds pretty great if you ask me, here is how it went down.

Let me begin this by saying everything is ok in moderation. Now I feel better a little less guilty about involving myself in something with unlimited bacon.

Here we are pre-race with our bacon chase race bibs. Nothing but the best for the bacon.


Chris posing by his slogan for life.

We were given some pretty awesome accessories because we didn’t quite get the memo about dressing up.


Yes we did take a picture with a pig…before eating bacon.IMG_0023 IMG_0026

Here we are at mile 2. At the mile markers they have the traditional water station, but also offer bacon bits to hold you over to the finish line.


Here is Chris crossing the finish line. He was ready for the bacon, and so was I!


so Much BACON!

We each got a boat of bacon and then headed to the bloody mary tent.IMG_0036 IMG_0040


After running the half marathon this summer it was so nice to kick up our heels and have a fun race. I really enjoyed it and just seeing Chris so excited made it all worth it!






And here is the swag we left with!

All in all, I would highly recommend a light-hearted/fun race. The atmosphere was noncompetitive and people were just there to have fun and support a great cause. The Bacon Chase raised money for St. Jude children’s hospital.

This race may sneaks its way onto our calendar for next year…at least I hope it does! I think now I need to find a quinoa race for us to participate in…or kale (Chris would LOVE that).



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