Bridal Blowout

So last week was my bridal shower! It was a bit early and a bit in the middle of the week, but it was absolutely amazing! My mom and sister and Chris’s mom and sister put so much work into it, and it turned out great! I realized that I am definitely the picture taker of the group, so it took me awhile to scrounge around and get pictures from the beautiful evening.

First, big shout out to my BFF, Abby, who flew in from Virginia. I have seen her once in the 2 years since I graduated so it was so special that she flew in for the shower. I just love her.


Her task was to entertain me and keep me out of the house. A task which we both excelled at. Jay cooke here we come!

IMG_0116 IMG_0118

She also did my hair and help to beautify me for the shower, because I am useless at hair and make-up stuff. Thanks Abby!

So the party began with eating (my fav) and my mom and sister created a copycat  Sweet Tomatoes salad bar, that was absolutely amazing and had all my favorite foods from quinoa to spinach to snicker salad. Can you say YUMMY!


The newlywed, Linda, even came to help on HER BIRTHDAY! She’s the best.


We both decided to wear the same dress…pretty much. Twins for life!


Here I am with all my lovely bridesmaids and danng look at that spread, so many vegetables and salads!


Chris’s mom, Stephanie, brought the cutest gluten-free cake pops and wedding cookies. I was a little obsessed with the cake pops and may have eaten approximately 20. They were delicious.

IMG_0030 IMG_0031

The decorations were top notch with a Hammitt banner and Chris and Alyssa funfetti!


After the salad bar, the games began! My sister created, in my opinion, the best bridal shower activity ever. It was  Alias-(my favorite show)-themed missions that everyone had to complete. At one point Chris’s grandma pretended to hug me while sticking a “Sassy Apple” sign on my back. She is a sneaky one.

IMG_0127After you completed your mission you were given a chocolate frog (Harry Potter reference)…which had a picture of Chris and I! I think my sister has a future in party planning.


My mom made these chocolate frogs with Ghiradelli dark chocolate and some even had pecans and caramel in them. I’m telling you this shower had more delicious food than anyone could ask for.

I had a blast and cannot thank everyone enough for making me feel so loved.



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