Dating/Marrying a Dietitian

This wonderful blog post is brought to you from my fiancé Chris:


A question I am often asked (I think twice in my life) is: what is it like to date a dietician? Well let me tell you, you sure end up trying some interesting foods. But you know what? It really isn’t as difficult as I thought it would be (although sometimes the dietician herself can be rather difficult…but that is a whole different story).


Now, not only am I blessed to be dating a dietician, but she also happens to be gluten intolerant (aka allergic and not gluten-free by choice) So I enjoy doing a couple of things, one of which is when going out to dinner and getting a meal that is laced with gluten. While she cannot eat my food, this allows me to eat all of my food while also being able to try hers. Furthermore, typically when eating a dessert that is gluten-free (could range from ice-cream to chocolate bar), I tell Alyssa that it is gluten-free so it HAS to be healthy. Makes sense to me.


As far as trying new/different foods go, my lovely gluten-free dietician of a fiancé enjoys experimenting with my taste buds. There have most certainly been some recipes/food that are winners and some that are losers in my mind…

Winner: Black bean chocolate cake and gf cheesecake (as featured in a previous blog posts)

Loser: KALE. And tofu. But mostly kale. Tastes like grass.


Winner: Chicken salad with Greek yogurt, mustard, curry?, grapes, etc, aka deliciousness.


Loser: Some weird concoction with quinoa, tuna, greek yogurt and who knows what else.

Winner: Going out to restaurants that I have never been that feature a large gluten-free menu


Loser: Restaurants with large gluten-free menus are often more expensive

Winner: anything with oatmeal and fruit


Loser: anything with almond flour

While that list could continue, I have also discovered that cooking gluten-free was initially a challenge but now I realize that it isn’t that difficult to do. Plus, I now tend to eat more fresh fruit and veggies since those are easily prepared g-free (and therefore attend more farmers markets). This makes for a happier Alyssa, and thus a happier me.


I hope that gave you all a little look into what things are like to date a gluten-free dietician, and now I leave you with the wise words of my younger brother: “I like my gluten!”





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