Annual Gooseberry Falls Camping Trip

Oh my goodness, I have so much to share. Get excited because in the next few weeks you are about to get a recap of the craziness my life has been in the last couple of weeks! It has been crazy but filled with a visit from my sister and my college BFF, love, bridal shower, tons of cooking, and a camping trip! Where to begin…ah let us begin with the annual WAPPES family camping trip. Go big or go home people. This was an awesome weekend, and let me show you why.

Not only was I reconnected with my long lost Twin..Yup she flew into Minnesota to camp and for my Bridal Shower! Love her!

1016891_10100100562813512_646246241_nIt was also filled with much swimming!


Chris and I both took the plunge into the great lake of Lake Superior!

This is my Uncle Dan’s famous high dive form.


And here is my sister, being the daredevil/ lover-of-all-things-swimming-related diving in with not a muscle out of place. She sets the bar high folks.

IMG_0021Now you may be thinking wow that looks enjoyable with the crystal clear water and perfect diving rocks. While all that is true, let it be known that we were jumping into 42° degree water! 42° people! Let me tell you, it is darn cold!


It is one of the traditions of camping on Lake Superior, you must take the polar plunge. And I dove in TWICE. My sister and cousin Andy are crazy and swim and dive all over the place in water many people would not consider jumping in.

We also went on many hikes.


This hike happened to take us right over the bridge that Chris proposed on. Such a great memory!


And then of course I just relished in all the time with my family.


This is right under the Gooseberry Falls, we are a happy group.


My family also shares my love of snacking, we were well stocked and had lots of snack breaks (I was in heaven).100_4777

Now for one of the best parts of the weekend, this lady who happens to be 91 camped right along with us.


I don’t think it can get much better than that. My grandmother makes the camping trip so special.

Next year I will be a Hammitt, but I’m still looking forward to this camping trip already!




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