Linda and Ben Tied the Knot!

I am so excited to recap and share with you all the beautiful celebration of Holy Matrimony that took place on June 28: The wedding of Linda and Ben Weiner!

So the day started early for Chris and I. We went for a 5 mile run at 8 to be in tip top shape for the 5k on the fourth of July.

My cousin, Jess, did my hair and make-up at 10. And with my hair all done up I put the finishing touches on the bridal brunch I was graciously providing to nourish the bride and her closest friends before she walked down the aisle.

I made The Best Granola Ever  and  mini-egg bakesand served it along with greek yogurt and fresh fruit.

When I arrived at the church with the food I saw Linda for the first time that  day and was blown away with how great she looked. I know Ben is one lucky guy, she is a stunning  beauty of a gal. We quickly ate my delicious brunch and changed into our dresses.


While we waited for the ceremony to start various members of Linda’s friends and family stopped into the gathering space where we were hiding and I just loved seeing their reaction to how great Linda looked and their many well wishes.

After getting the cutest bridesmaid gifts from Linda which included a homemade crocheted coffee cozy, Starbucks gift card, necklace, and other little treasures, it was time to line up for the wedding march. We had a few final tearful embraces, then I linked arms with my groomsmen and waited for Linda at the front of the church. Let me tell you she turned heads as she walked down the aisle with her aunt playing the Irish whistle.

They said “I do” with so much sincerity and love. They kissed and left as man and wife!


After the ceremony, while Ben and Linda were preoccupied with the receiving line, me and my fam took a few pictures.


Oh yeah that’s my favorite sister standing beside me that flew in from Florida for Linda’s wedding. Love her! (She will be coming back in less than a month for my bridal shower…Can’t Wait)

After the ceremony we went to Linda’s parent’s house, a few blocks from the church, to take pictures.


You could tell they really wanted some alone time to just let their new status as husband and wife to sink in…but alas that is what the honeymoon is for!


Then we partied into the night with polkaing, “let it go” chanting, and many a slow song. It was a great way to end a beautiful day.

Throughout the day Linda kept saying I can’t wait to be here and do this for your wedding so I can have fun and not be nervous about anything. I have to say it was great to be there, not be anxious, and just soak it all in.

I wish you the best, Linda and Ben!




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