So You Think You Can Cook #3 Recap

Hello there and Happy Wheat-less Wednesday to you all!

All these eventful weekends (Linda’s Wedding, 4th of July) have not left much time for blogging. So I apologize for leaving you guys hanging. With that being said I don’t want to ruin the recap, but just get excited (it’s pretty awesome!).

So this weekend I finally beat my dad in the annual Sawdust 5k! It’s a quaint 5k that actually goes right past our house. And sadly/embarrassing to say, my dad, who only runs one day a year has beat me twice! So this year I was on a mission to not only beat him but destroy him! And mission accomplished. I finished in 24:09, and my dad crossed the finish line in 25:51 (pretty darn good for an old guy).

Now to the recipe recap for chocolate bean cake, boy I am excited.

black bean cake


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Here is the recipe, again the original recipe can be found here.

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 9.17.47 PM


The list of ingredients is very minimal and super affordable, with honey probably being the biggest cost.


The recipe is a bit labor intensive for my liking. And started off on the wrong foot. The recipe tells you to grease and dust the pan with cocoa powder, and THEN cover with a parchment paper.


I thought greasing and dusting the pan was USELESS because I immediately covered it with parchment paper and then greased again.


Then I drained and rinsed the beans.


And mixed the insane amount of cocoa powder with the baking powder.



Nothing a teeny-tiny whisk can’t handle.

IMG_0023Now we start with the appliances…I don’t appreciate recipes that use more than one mixer or use a plethora of bowls and dishes.

I processed the beans with 3 eggs and 2 Tbsp of maple syrup (I only had a 1/2 cup of honey).



Until it looked like this…


Now we use the kitchen aid to blend the honey and butter together. I could not use coconut oil based on principle of not falling into the trendy food trap.

Then I added the cocoa and baking powder and the rest of the 5 eggs.


It somehow transformed into batter before my eyes.

IMG_0050And here’s the finished product…yumm are you drooling yet?

IMG_0051And after the oven, it looks like this!


If you are expecting the cake to rise, you will be surprised because it pretty much looks exactly the same going in as it does going out.


And the finished product, is a delectably moist, rich chocolate cake that has BEANs in it! Now you may think, that I am crazy that I like this, don’t worry I did to. So I gave a slice to my mom, dad, and Chris. And they all loved it! So people, here is the moral of the story, trade in that white flour for beans.

Ease of following recipe: The recipe was very detailed, and easy to follow for most of the time. I was unclear as to why I greased the bottom of the pan before covering with parchment and greasing again. But after that I didn’t have any issues. Also, I feel like I dirtied a thousand things with this recipe, which was not my favorite. But overall not too terrible.

Overall impression: Oh my goodness people. This is one of those recipes were the taste simply blows your mind. I had no idea black beans could produce a cake, yet alone a cake that tastes so deliciously chocolate-y

Scrap it or Save it: Save it! Definitely save it! I would make this again in a heartbeat and top it off with a light whipped frosting and some berries! Yum.

Things I would change: Well clearly take out the first greasing step. I think that would be the only thing I would change! It’s that good people. If you want to make it for a birthday cake I would double the recipe so you can stack the two cakes. It is a very thin, dense cake.

Please, Please try this out! You will be pleasantly surprised.





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