So You Think You Can Cook: Recap #2

Why hello there!

Oh my goodness this weekend was absolutely wonderful. I have so  much to share and even more pictures that will put a smile on your face. And come on how does a weekend get any better then your best friends wedding and a visit from your long lost sister!!IMG_1423

I had to share just one picture of these 2 beautiful women! Don’t fret, a whole post (or 2) about Linda’s wedding is to come! But truly it was such a blessed day filled with so much love and laughter and now she’s a married woman!

Well on to the recipe recap, if I can stop daydreaming about weddings…

This week I reviewed a mini egg bake recipe!Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 9.49.55 PM

There may have been a little bit of a break down in the system, which lead to minimal photo evidence that I actually made the recipe but scout’s honor I did make them!

I volunteered to make a brunch for the bridal party on Linda’s wedding day and thought these little nuggets of deliciousness would work perfectly. Due to getting my hair and make-up done and my lack of time management. I had to throw the recipe together quicker than anticipated which resulted in only a few pictures of the process (sorry!).

I browned the sausage (I used venison sausage) the night before.


And stored it. I took out the hashbrowns the night before (Ok I BARELY did this, which would have been a catastrophy) I’m not good at reading and prepping for recipes before hand. So that was a strike against these amazing muffin cups. You can’t just make them immediately you have to prepare.


Then the morning of the wedding I combined the hash browns and butter with salt and pepper and pressed them into the muffin tins. I used a generous amount of pam before putting the hash browns (that were bursting with butter) and the muffins still stuck like crazy: Strike 2!

My sister helped me to crack the eggs and mix the diced pepper and green onion with the eggs. Then I added the cheese to the veggie and raw egg mixture.

Pork Roast , Breakfast Burritoes, and Easter 008

I then baked the crust for about 14 minutes. By no account were the hash browns golden brown, but I was moving full speed ahead. I took out the hash browns, added the precooked venison sausage and added the egg-mixture before popping it all in the oven.


Pouring the egg mixture into the muffin tins was probably the most challenging part of the recipe. I poured the egg mix into a measuring cup with a pour spout to attempt to make it easier, but it didn’t help. It was very MESSY.

SNF19TVP-532_1439786aBasically ended like this.

Back to the muffins, It took longer than the 13-15 minutes for the eggs to set in the oven. So I put them in for another 5 minutes.

The end result was an utterly delicious mini egg bake with about half of the hash brown crust left in the muffin tin.

Ease of following recipe: The recipe was very simple and the ingredients were easy to find and affordable, both pluses! However, you do need to thaw the hash browns and brown the sausage beforehand.

Overall impression: The taste was second to none. I would highly recommend it based on the combination of flavors. However the muffins really stuck in the pan and so when you take them out the bottoms weren’t flat. This detracts from the appearance of the muffins (but not the taste).

Scrap it or Save it: I would….SAVE it! I am a sucker for anything with eggs, sausage and potatoes. Package it into cute little muffins and it doesn’t get much better.

Things I would change: I would use bigger muffin tins. Our tins were like halfway between mini muffin tins and the regular. Also, add more eggs because I ended up running out of eggs and ended up with a few hash brown and sausage patties. I also would bake the hash browns longer and invest in a nonstick pan if I was going to get serious about it.

When I make this recipe again I also might sneak some more veggies into it, just because that’s what I do!

Hope that helps!





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