Wheat-less Wednesday: Brown Bagging It

So I am now in my fourth week of my internship at the hospital! Oh my goodness things are flying by, and I figured I would have SO  much free time this summer,  but so far it’s been pretty jam packed! I do have some exciting new things coming to the blog super soon though so stay tuned!

Ok so back to my internship and working full time….and FOOD! So St. Luke’s has a cafeteria but due to my student/engaged financials I choose to brown bag it! Wohoo you can tell I am going to be a Dietitian because I spend WAY to long making my lunches. Like there are the most involved salads ever, but hey who said brown bag lunches need to be boring!


I have been into putting cottage cheese and balsamic vinegar on my salad with some chopped grilled chicken, red peppers, and spinach…YUM.

So in my brown bag adventures I stumbled across a gem that I just had to share with you all! These little babies:


They are individual guacamole packs with only 170 mg of sodium. Not bad for pre made guac. And the best part is they are so portable and the perfect thing to add to a taco salad to bring to work.

You can also put them on tacos like we did for dinner…



So much flavor and deliciousness wrapped in one little pouch. You can’t beat that. I believe it was around $3 for 6 pouches. That’s almost cheaper than buying avocados and making your own. Plus I always use half an avocado then forget to use the second half and it goes to waste. So this is the best of both worlds.

Try out some guacamole pouches to dip veggies, top the perfect taco salad, or scoop chips to spice up your lunch.



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