Volleyball Season!

Hello all!

Today marked the ceremonial start of the 2014 summer sand volleyball league. I have played 2’s with my dad since I was in 11th grade, and I believe that volleyball especially 2’s volleyball, is like cheese, you really do get better with age/ the longer you play.



Here I showcase my great form…NOT.




Getting serious with our pro volleyball shades.


And we even play in rain where the court is basically one puddle. Soo cold!


And now that I have experienced the world of 2’s, I can never go back to sixes. 2’s is my jam and I start to feel claustrophobic with 5 other people surrounding me.


We did win our first match, there was much room for improvement, but it felt great to shake the cobwebs off!

I hope you enjoyed this throwback thursday past with all the pictures throughout the various years of my legendary volleyball career.



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