Race Training: Attack of the Killer Mosquitos

Good morning and happy Tuesday!

I am going to give you a race training recap, but first I have to share my wonderful dinner with you, from this weekend. No mayo avocado salad atop a bed of spinach with feta cheese, crustinis (from nature box), red peppers, green onions, and many many banana peppers.

photo 2

It was too pretty not to share!

photo 1


Just looking at it makes me hungry!

So as many of you know, Chris and I are running Grandma’s Half marathon on June 21st! And as I am now realizing that is approaching rather quickly. I will give you a glimpse into the struggles and lessons learned through this training. At the beginning my first move was to print out the novice training schedule, back in March, when we got in to the race. I was immediately and severely overwhelmed with the schedule and idea of running 6 days a week. I mean I am a novice after all and my longest run ever,  was 5.6 miles!

So obviously, I  made my own training schedule (because of my distance running expertise..NOT) which consisted of running 3 times a week. I started small and now I am doing 2 four-five mile runs during the week and one long run on Saturday. This Sunday 10 miles was on the agenda. And let me tell you I felt every mile. First, we ran after eating brunch.


It was greasy and delicious going down but oh man it sat like a rock in my stomach pretty much the whole 10 miles.


Then we got attacked by mosquitos! They were just awful…maybe I wasn’t running fast enough or maybe due to their huge nature this early summer they have super mosquito speed. I’m going with the latter.

So overall how did my first ever training for a half marathon go? That is a good question. And here’s my answer. Growing up I was never a runner and especially not a long distance runner. I am a volleyball player with huge thighs, not a long lean runner. I think more than my physique my mindset was what was holding me back at the beginning. I was horrible at pushing myself and taking myself out of my comfort zone. Now I now that my body can do way more than I imagined and that if you just put one foot in front of another while listening to the eye of the tiger (or your pump up song of choice) you just might finish your training. I still don’t think I would say that I enjoy long runs, in fact I can definitively say I despise them. But the satisfaction after finishing is a great feeling.

We have one more long run this weekend, and then it will be tapering for the big race. Ok there actually won’t be any tapering because I don’t know what that entails, I just wanted to say that to impress all my swimming friends. But anyway, I can’t wait to finish “training”, and run the race. With that being said, please keep us and all those running Grandma’s in your prayers.

Also I am in desperate need of revamping my running playlist for the race. Please help me out if you know some good pump up jams!



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