Faith Friday: Frozen Homily

Hello everyone and happy Friday to you all!


Before I launch into this Frozen business I have to share with you what happened to me yesterday. I started my Clinical Dietetic Internship at St. Lukes hospital in Duluth, MN! I arrived anxious and left totally overwhelmed. This summer will challenge me a lot and keep me out of my comfort zone, but I am excited to start this new phase that will take me one step closer to my dream job (Dietitian)! I will update you as I do more, yesterday was mostly just orientation stuff and a tour of the hospital. Let’s just say I would appreciate a lot of prayers that this goes smoothly!

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Now onto the heart of the matter, Faith Friday! The lovely Carol (who has been MIA lately due to intense Notre Dame finals) sent this homily to me ages ago to share with all of you. Due to my finals and crazy traveling/moving life I am just getting around to publishing it (so sorry Carol!).

I will set the scene for you, this is Easter Sunday and this lovely homily is delivered by Deacon Pat Reidy,  who is now Fr. Pat Reidy, as he was just recently ordained in the Congregation of Holy Cross! Father Reidy emphasizes the importance of the self sacrificing love of Jesus. Please take a few minutes to sit down, have a cup of coffee, healthy snack (apples & pb, yogurt and granola…etc) and watch this wonderful and insightful homily found here.


Blessings on your Friday.



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